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Rabbit Hutch 'Thumper'

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Rabbit Hutch Thumper

Thumper is our classic, beautiful and best-selling rabbit hutch. The separate light- and wind-protected rest space on the left side of the enclosed area is very important. Rabbits need a darkened and sheltered spot to rest. The modern small animal home offers plenty of space and a run for your little bunny rabbits. The sleeping space and of course the back wall are made of sturdy softwood, which is treated with a non-toxic, environmentally friendly, water-based protective solution to make the hutch water and UV resistant. The high-quality roof is covered with water-repellent bitumen. It protects your pets and their home from moisture. The wire is galvanized steel and therefore rustproof and weather resistant. Access to the rabbit run can be opened and closed through the inner door.

Cleaning is really easy... just pull out the drawer. More basic rabbit hutches have a wooden or metal drawer bottom but our Thumper rabbit hutch has a sturdy plastic tub that is super easy to clean.

Thumper is designed as a rabbit hutch but guinea pigs and other small animals / rodents also feel comfortable in rabbit hutches.

- Classic design.
- Easy cleaning.
- Simple and quick assembly.
- Suitable for dwarf rabbits (common breeds) and other small animals.
- The rabbit hutch can easily be expanded with an extension (e.g. another run).
- The bottom of the drawer is made of plastic and reinforced with battens under the bottom.

In summer, the rabbit hutch should be in the shade to protect the rabbits from overheating. If possible choose a spot that it is protected from the wind and rain. This extends the life of your hutch.

Materials: The wall thickness (panels) is approx. 9mm and the frame strips are approx. 1.9cm thick.
Product dimensions: Total, with roof = approx. 1466 x 543 x 860 mm Main house without roof = approx. 690 x 440 mm

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