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Rabbit Hutch 'Archie'

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Rabbit Hutch Archie

Our classic spacious Archie rabbit hutch from Little Croft comes with the 2 large outdoor fully roofed and covered pens, offers plenty of space for running, play and cosy sleeping. The animal house is made from solid pine wood and treated with weatherproof paint in a stylish white and grey finish. The sloped roof, covering the entirety of the cage, protects the hutch from the elements, providing cover for rain and shade from the sun. The wire mesh is galvanised making it rust-free and long lasting. The Archie rabbit hutch/small animal home and both pens are equipped with doors, making all areas of the hutch easily accessible. Cleaning is simple and straightforward due to the ease of access and to the high-quality metal based removable drawer in the base of the main sleeping area.

The Archie Hutch offers your pet many interesting areas to explore, with stairs opening-up a multi-level home for your bunny or other small animal.

This deluxe and spacious hutch is an ideal home for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals/rodents with different zones for your pets to enjoy.

The perfect place: In summer, the rabbit hutch should be shaded to protect the rabbits from overheating. It is best to place the small animal hutch in a windproof and rain-proof position, to further protect your pets from the elements and add to the longevity of your pet home.

- Classic design.
- Easy to clean with lots of access points plus a removeable metal drawer at the base of the sleeping area.
- Quick and easy to assemble from flat pack.

Suitable for all small domestic animals.

Material: The wall bars (wood) are approx. 9 mm wide and the frame thickness (wood) approx. 1.9 cm.

Dimensions: Length 122cm, width 47.5cm, height 99cm.

Box contents: 1 x rabbit hutch Archie :
- grey / white, EAN: 5060875410071

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