Set of 5 Acrylic Sheet, A4, 3mm

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EAN 5056503564926

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5x Branded Acrylic Sheet in 18 different colours

The 5 acrylic glass plates in this set are 3mm thick and available in 18 colours. They have a size of 297x210mmx3mm or DIN A4 and come with a manufacturer's guarantee of 10 years.

Acrylic glass is versatile. In addition to sign making, decorative plaque making and model making, it is also used as windows for garden sheds and glass houses, and as bathroom shelves or mirrors. It can be bent and cut and is often used as shop fittings or sales displays or as catalogue or business card holders. Acrylic glass is available in almost any colour. It is weather resistant, does not rust and is therefore very suitable for outdoor applications of any kind.

When the sheets arrive, they are protected on both sides from transport damage with a protective film. The film can be coloured or colourless and may change the colour of the panel.
Please remove the protective film upon receipt and check the goods for scratches and transport damage.

Extruded coloured acrylic sheet cut to size. Perspex brand quality

Available colours: Black, brown, grey, white, ivory, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, navy, blue, light blue, light green, lime green, dark green

Acrylic sheet is shatter resistant, stronger and safer than glass and will not discolour from sun exposure

Size: A4 (297mm x 210mm / 11,69'' x 8,26''), 3mm thick

Acrylic Sheet are 7x stronger than glass

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