Crofts, crofting, and crofters are part of the rich tapestry and culture of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. Crofts, croitean in Scots Gaelic, are small holdings, literally in Gaelic a small, fenced piece of land, where the land can provide an often, very basic living. To supplement their livelihood your average crofter usually has a diverse source of income be that from craft production, part-time work, fishing, or through the keeping of hens, bees and other, often by their very nature, organic and free-range products. Crofting and the crofting counties of Scotland have a rich culture, steeped in history, art, music, and Scottish heritage, and forged by the crofter’s versatility and ability to create a sustainable living, thus enabling them to stay and thrive in this beautiful land.
Little Croft is a small, family-owned and run company based in Scotland that supports the culture of the croft by sourcing and creating a collection of products for small holders, gardeners, and crafts people.