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Chicken Coop 'Daisy'

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Hen House Chicken Coop Daisy

Hen House Daisy, our beautiful chicken coop and outdoor pen, is suitable for hens, chickens, chicks, quails and offers a bigger space for rabbits, guinea pigs and smaller domestic pets.

It makes sense to let the chickens run in a small enclosure during the day. Ideally, place the chicken house in or near an additional run if they cannot run free.

The henhouse is made of pine, treated with non-toxic, weatherproof seal. The metal wire is galvanized and offers good protection against predators such as pine martens and foxes.

With the metal slide you can easily close and open the door from the main house to the outdoor enclosure from the outside.
Two chicken nest boxes in the hen house offer chickens an appropriate sleeping place. In the open enclosure there are two more sitting and resting poles for the hens to enjoy.

The base of the coop is a metal drawer, which can be removed to aid the easy cleaning and maintenance of the hen house.

The roof and the nesting box are covered with roofing felt, keeping the chicken coop watertight and protected. The lid of the nesting box can be opened enabling the easy collection of eggs.

Our Little Croft products come flat-packed with easy-to-follow step-by-step assembly instructions.

How many chickens for my household:
On average, laying hens can produce between 180 and 220 eggs a year. With 5 laying hens, that suggests 5 x average 200 eggs = 1,000 eggs per year or approx. 19 eggs per week. The number of eggs per hen does depend on the chicken and the breed. Some breeds lay even more eggs.

Product dimensions:
199 x 74.5 x 116 cm

The wall thickness (panels) is approx. 9mm and the thickness of the frame strips approx. 1.9cm.

Scope of delivery:
1 x Chicken Coop ‘Daisy’ EAN: 5060875410026

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